Monday, November 3, 2008

Go Gators!

With all of the trash talk from our family, friends and co-workers here in Georgia, I HAD to make Gator cookies for the GA/FL parties! I couldn't help myself... and stayed up way later than I should have each night, going step by step to make them "spectacular"! Of course, I also had to bake chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin cookies!

Oh, and these little golden "slippers" for a co-worker's daughter
that loves princesses and just had a birthday!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The sleepless night....

... and 6 cakes!

Okay, I admit, 2 hours of sleep... so an almost sleepless night!

I should have started earlier. I should have made less cake. I should have prepared better. I should have went to bed!

It was all worth it when, after 2 hours of sleep, I brought Isaac into the dining room and showed him the cakes. He took a few seconds to look at each one individually, looking back and me and grinning... that made it worth it! He knew they were for him... well, maybe not, but I can pretend he is a genious!

Featured below is the Sesame Street gang... or at least my version of them, completely edible and guaranteed to make your child bounce off the walls from the sugar or the red dye from Elmo's fur! (Exactly why the party ended quite shortly after cake!)

and the happy birthday boy.... with his personal cake to devour....

Friday, September 5, 2008

In Progress...

So, after a night of long baking... holding my eyes open with toothpicks...

I have six 1/4 sheet cakes baked, three chocolate and two vanilla.

I have "carved" three of them... thankfully needing an "I" because one cake flopped on one side! I HOPE to finish tonight (and not morning again) so that tomorrow can be cake-stress free!

Will post pictures soon!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Isaac's Birthday Challenge

Isaac turns 1 on September 4, 2008! Hooray! We are doing a Sesame Street themed party because we found decorations with the #1.

Now, for the cake...

I'm undecided as to how to do it. I would love to make a super cute Elmo cake, but I don't like red icing. I do not want the guests to have pink teeth, I do not want the kids to bounce off of my walls... okay, so it is the bouncing that bothers me most! I just can't decide.

And then for Isaac's individual cake, since it is his first birthday... well, I am thinking along the lines of a Cookie Monster head cake (small, round). But, then I'm thinking of the blue poopy diapers and the blue stained face, hands and probably body. Not to mention the high chair, clothing, floor or even bathtub! I'm having a heart attack already....

Any ideas on how I can solve this challenge? I will post pictures after the party! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Some of my favorite creations...

Bite sized pies... apple and cherry...

Softball cookies... personalized for each girl....
Ballet slippers... personalized inside shoe...
Monkey cake... so adorable!

These are just a few of my "creations"! Most (or the ones I remember to take pictures of) are shown in the slideshow at the bottom of this blog. I try to get creative and think of new things... and the one thing that I have found that most kids like is something personalized! A cookie or cupcake with their name on it really seems to take the crown!


Hunter's fourth birthday was a jungle themed Diego party! I desperately wanted to make a Diego, but fell short on time, so went with the jungle theme! The accessories (elephant, monkey, snakes, alligators, and rocks) are made of fondant. It was a chocolate and vanilla layered cake with buttercream icing! Stacey decorated adorable with "Jungle Deliveries" as goody bags and cute items on the menu! We had beetle wings (potato chips), elephant food (boiled peanuts), BBQ (wild boar), and more... The entire party was cute, and I think that the cake was a hit....
But the most important part of it all was that I think Hunter liked it and he had a great party!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008


Welcome to my new blog! I decided that I would keep my blogs separate, a family blog at and then this one for all the cakes and cookies and yummy stuff I like to bake!

So, check this blog out occasionally for updates on my baking and decorating!